Our Promise

The work that we do is important. However the tools that we use for work are spread out.

We have lost our data twice because of this, some were exported and now sits in a backup file somewhere without quick access to it.

We are sure you are familiar with such pain. We built DoSheets to solve this frustration.

There are certain promises we felt we must make to our users, which includes us:

The company behind DoSheets is CoBeats which is a small and profitable venture. Our objective is not to build a BILLION DOLLAR company which seems to be becoming a trend these days, what we are doing here is building a community of people who really need what we have built.

To maintain the quality of our service and support while listening to the community about new features we have decided to only take 10,000* users on DoSheets.

If DoSheets or our parent corporation is acquired, we will do everything in our power to make sure that the above promises are kept within any legal agreements that are created.

If you have any questions regarding our promise, please contact us at support@cobeats.com.

*if the community of our users feels and votes to open registrations to more people, we will consider it. But this will not be our own decision.